The Tenth Anniversary Celebration of Fondasyon Dauphin

Ten years ago, Francius “Johnny” Estimable set in motion an idea that has taken hold in Borgne, Haiti.

It was during his time as assistant mayor that Johnny became more and more aware of the great difficulties parents have in providing education for their children.  They must cover the costs for registration fees, tuition, sewing a uniform, and purchasing shoes, books and backpacks, all requirements for attending school.  For a primary school student, the total cost for a year of school can run over $150 USD.  (The average Haitian makes about $2 USD per day.) Mayors get many requests for assistance at the beginning of the school year, and because of the high value he placed on education, he felt compelled to help.  In 2008, he founded the Fondasyon Dauphin and sought collaboration from members of the (yet to be formed) Friends of Borgne who had previously visited Haiti working on education projects.

Since 2009, the Fondasyon has helped remove many obstacles that keep children in Borgne from getting the education that will change the course of their lives. How many grassroot humanitarian startups do you know that have lasted ten years? And each year brings more opportunities for the Fondasyon to encourage education of their children.

Here is a video that shows the joyful celebration that Borgne held to celebrate the first ten years of the Fondasyon. We hope with the help of Friends of Borgne, they can continue for many, many more!