Animal Husbandry

Animal Husbandry

Teaching Young People to Raise Creole Pigs

Instead of savings accounts or the stock market, purchasing and raising animals is the way many people in Borgne invest for the the future.  Animals can provide on-going sources of nutrition or income through eggs and milk. They have multiple offspring that can be sold for cash or added to the herd.  And they can be slaughtered for a wedding or holiday celebration or sold for meat when emergency cash is needed. However, raising healthy animals also requires a good amount of knowledge and skill.

Creole pig on rocky hill

The Fondasyon Dauphin has been working with local Peasant Organizations and their associated youth groups to develop a program where the more experienced farmers will guide and mentor young people who are interested in raising pigs.  Pigs reproduce quickly and are not picky about their feed.

Creole pigs on beach

The program will purchase female pigs for youth working in small groups, who will then learn to care for them under the guidance of a mentor. When piglets are born, one of the females will go to start another youth group and one of the males will be given to the mentor.  The rest will remain with the original group to grow their drove (herd). Initially two female pigs will be provided to each communal section of Borgne.

Creole pig on step