Emergency Support

Emergency Support

Emergency Support - Beyond Education

Because the Fondasyon Dauphin is a high-profile organization within the educational community of Borgne, they often get other requests for assistance.

fixing roof after storm

Cholera seminar

Community cholera seminar

Emergency support after natural disasters

Over the years we have supported them by providing funding for special projects after weather events and other natural disasters. For example:

  • Support to send buses to Port-au-Prince after the 2010 earthquake to bring students of Borngelaise families back home who were studying in Port-au-Prince.
  • Support for schools receiving students who left Port au Prince after the earthquake.
  • Support for community cholera education programs and water treatment supplies during the cholera outbreak.
  • Replacing books and school materials after flooding events.
  • Repairs of the Fondasyon building and other school buildings, mostly roof replacements due to wind damage.

Special-project support for the community

We  have also sponsored one-time fun social events for the students of the Fondasyon and for the larger community of school children in Borgne including:

  • An interscholar soccer tournament.
  • Partial funding of a soccer field.
  • Holiday parties for the Fondasyon children.
  • Field trip to Dominican Republic for Children of the Foundation and Rural Friends. ┬áMany had never been on a bus before, let alone out of the country!

Soccer game in honor of Fondasyon Dauphin’s 10th anniversary

Johnny, as assistant mayor, when the Dignity school bus was delivered for Borgne