Food Program for the Children of the Fondasyon Dauphin

Food Program for the Children of the Fondasyon Dauphin

Feeding Students

serving food

When we began in 2008, we did not provide food as part of our school support program.  As the initial set of report cards came in, it became clear that our students were still struggling compared with their more affluent classmates.  A quick investigation determined that they were coming to school hungry and having trouble concentrating in class. Friends of Borgne immediately began raising funds to provide a meal at the Fondasyon Dauphin before school.

Now, in the misty mornings, the students visit the Fondasyon building for hearty traditional Haitian meals that are more like lunches than breakfast, before walking to their various schools. They take leftovers with them to eat at lunchtime.  The meal is also a chance to build community between the participating children and let them know about other opportunities such as study help and after-school programs.

three boys eating