Tenth Anniversary Celebration trip to Borgne

June 9, 2019 at 12:00 am Borgne, Haiti

Tenth Anniversary Celebration trip to Borgne

Note: This trip was made, and it was a great success!
To learn more about it, read our posts!

The 10th Anniversary of Fondasyon Dauphin and Friends of Borgne will be on Sunday, June 9th in Bornge and includes Mass, a party, and soccer matches. Sarah Brownell will attend with Aniela, James Murphy and Richmond Futch from St. Joseph’s House, and Trish Pielnik (Spiritus/St. Joe’s).

Join them in celebration!

June 2019 Borgne Immersion Trip

Updated 3/6/19


The most important things you will do on your first trip are observe, listen, try to learn the language, make friends and contacts for the future, and enjoy the excitement of being part of a vibrant community working toward ecologically and socially sound development!  So just come with an attitude of willingness to do the best you can, share your ideas and work with others to develop their own.

Although we are staying at locations designed to accommodate international visitors, sometimes the systems break down, so be mentally prepared to rough it if necessary.  Access to electricity and piped water could be sporadic.  Bathroom facilities may be latrines or ecological toilets and bucket showers.  We may hike to some locations carrying food and water for the day. The hiking can be fairly intense and we may cross rivers multiple times so bring appropriate foot wear.  You are always welcome to stay back at the house and enjoy the company of the neighbors.


Dates:  Approx. June 5– 12, 2019

Tentative Timeline

  • By March 25: List of people seriously considering going (so that we can meet to finalize dates, activities we want to do, and accommodations).
    • Email sabeie@rit.edu with name, email, phone #, and any questions!
    • Final decisions by end of April
  • March: Obtain passport if you don’t have one!
  • Last week of March: First pre-trip meeting
  • Early April: Schedule group vaccinations, determine funding/fundraising
  • Last week of April: Purchase flights—commitment to travel, check and secure insurance
  • May: Pre-trip preparation meetings/discussions, vaccinations
  • June 1 or 2: Packing party
  • Wed, June 5: Fly to MIA
  • June 6: Fly MIA to CAP, drive to Borgne
  • June 6/7: Soccer Tournament, Visit Hospital, Visit Food Program
  • June 8: Visit Tibouk market? Beach or cave?
  • June 9: Fondasyon Dauphin 10th anniversary
  • June 10: Visit Lekol Jericho and HOPE library project
  • June 11: Drive to Cap, Fly CAP MIA
  • June 12: Fly MIA to ROC